CCDE Cisco certification

By | June 12, 2017

Cisco system, Inc. is an American multinational technology corporate. It was established in 1984 and then people started to know it in 1900 and by the year 2000 with the market of $500 billion, Cisco was the most popular and the most valuable companies in the field of technology, networking and the telecommunication. Cisco since its establishment has been developing, manufacturing, maintaining and selling the telecommunication equipment, networking hardware and other related devices and provide various other services too. Cisco though has specialisation in specified technology market like domain security, energy management and many other things.

Cisco exam is something that everyone must know about. Cisco exam in different specialisation ad at different levels are held by the company and the candidates who pass this exam are awarded by the Cisco certification. This certification ensures and validates the professional skills of these candidates in their respected technology fields. Different certification programs are being run by the Cisco enterprise. And one of this programs is the CCDE Cisco certification. Cisco exam also have 5 levels of them and these levels are

  1. Entry
  2. Associate
  3. Profession
  4. Expert
  5. Architect

CCDE Cisco certification

CCDE Cisco certification is an expert level Cisco certification. This certification validates and confirms the expert and professional level knowledge and skills of the deserving candidates. These deserving candidates are those that pass the Cisco exam and then are awarded the CCDE Cisco certification. This training session polishes the skills of the candidates in the network designing. This certification training focuses on the network designing principles and infrastructure level. This certification also recognises and confirms the expertise of the network designers who are capable of supporting the increasing and complicated global networks.

CCDE Cisco certification exam is the best choice for someone who wants to have expertise in the complex network instead of troubleshooting and managing the routing and switching or security and anything like that. With the help of CCDE, you can design the most complex and the most advanced networks. This shows us that CCDE Cisco certification can be priceless to your career and can find you your desired job.

Like the other CCNA certification, no professional certification or any training is required for CCDE Cisco certification.

Written Exam

CCDE Cisco certification has a 2 hour written exam. This exam covers the network design in routing, managing, tunnelling, cost and capacity, security and quality of service. Basically, it is based on how you design advanced networks. You can only move to the next level that is the Lab exam when you have passed the written exam.

Lab exam

CCDE Cisco certification lab exam is actually quite longer than the written Cisco exam. It is the 8-hour practical exam and during this, they perform design analysis. In this candidates are evaluated by how they justify their design requirements and develop a design based on best practices. CCDE Cisco certification lab exam can only be given if the candidate has passed the written exam, except then this no other certifications and training are required.

You can look for more information on the official website of Cisco or CCNA.

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