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By | June 13, 2017

Cisco is one of the most famous, and skilful certification in the whole world. There is a different level of these Cisco Certifications, and after every four of five months, Cisco Exams are held for these certifications. Here we will discuss the Expert level, which is the third level of Cisco Certifications. There are different courses or modules in this level and CCIE Data Centre Certification is one of them. By this course, you can easily learn about the expert level skills for designing, planning, implementations and managing the complex and Modern Information Technology Centre Infrastructure. For those who have qualified this Cisco Certified Internetwork, Expert Data Centre can easily represent their skills regarding the industry work. Basically, this certification is for the professionals of Data Centre, who wants to make more progress in their field, and wants to learn more about their industry.


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This certification will surely teach about the in-depth solutions for Information Technology data Centres. There are some rules and regulation for everyone who wants to attend this training or certification, and those rules are same for everyone. As you know that this certification is an in-depth study, and it will be only possible if you already have some skills for data centre, and experience of at least eight years. There is no other requirement for any certification or degree to get admitted in CCIE Data Center Certification. All you need is just some experience and to pass the entrance written the exam and after that the CCIE Data Center Lab Exam.

Written Exam

As the first step is to submit all your necessary documents with experience letter, which is provided to you by the company you are working in. After that, you have to attend the written entrance exam which consists of two hours. In this Cisco Exam you will be asked a question about the equipment used and the concepts of Networking Data Center, once you pass this exam then you will be eligible to sit for the lab exam. The name of this written exam is 400-151 CCIE DC, and by this exam they will get to know your knowledge about the operating, troubleshooting, implementing, designing and planning in the complex Networking Data Center.

Practical Exam

Once this test is passed now you are ready for lab exam of CCI Data Center. This test basically comprises of two parts, and the time period of the whole exam will be eight hours in total. Here the real technical skills will be checked regarding troubleshooting, configuration, and diagnose of Networking Data Center technologies and equipment. This test must be registered within eighteen months after you have cleared your written exam. And each candidate has the time period of three years to pass this lab exam. As this test is divided into two modules so the first module is about an hour, and consists of Diagnostic. While the second module is about seven hours and here troubleshooting and configurations are tested.

So if you think that you are able enough to attend this exam, then you should do it, because by getting this certification your worth will be increased by many times.

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