CCIE Routing and Switching

By | June 13, 2017

Cisco Certification is considered as the one the top certifications in the world. Well surprisingly this certification is not provided by any educational institute, rather it is provided by a multi-national company which deals in networking. In the expert level of certification, they offer a course of CCIE Routing and Switching Certification, and even the company itself takes the Cisco Exams. This Cisco Certified Internetwork Routing and Switching will enhance your skills regarding the planning, operating, and troubleshoot the complex networking infrastructure. As it is clear by the name that this course comprises of Routing and switching in the networking. This course is really necessary for networking engineers as they have to face many problems, which are not taught in their degrees.


There are no formal requirements for getting admission in this course, as the company do not require any of your past certification and degrees. As they have no concern with it, all they need is your skills. As at his level you will not be taught the basics, rather they will just enhance your skills further so you can work more competitively. Instead, all you need to do is to qualify two exams before you can get admitted in this course. First one is written the exam, and then comes the practical exam. Furthermore, you will be required to have from two to five years of job experience in order to understand all the topics you will learn here. And in order to qualify the exams, you have to be well aware of all of your skills very well.

Written Exam

First of all, you have to get registered for the CCIE Routing and Switching Written exam. In this exam, you will cover all the networking concepts of commands you give to the networking equipment. The name of the written exam for CCIE Routing and Switching Certification is 400-101 CCIE. This test is mostly taken in VUE testing centres, and the whole test comprises of two hours’ time period. The question in this test is mostly of multiple choice questions and simulation on the computer to solve them. This exam is taken on the concept of the close book, and inside the test centre, you are not allowed to bring any reference material.

Practical Exam

Once you have passed this written exam, then next step is to register for the practical exam, which is a really important step in your admission, because here all of your real skills will be tested. As now you have to configure the real equipment for Routing and Switching in the networking, and also you have to troubleshoot them. This test must be registered within eighteen months of passing your written test. And for those who are failed to qualify this must attempt this exam within 12 months or else registration will be cancelled. Furthermore, you can give this lab test as many times as you want in three years. This test comprises of eight hours in total, and you will be notified of your lab location even on your cell phone.

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