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By | June 14, 2017

If anyone of you is interested in the working and want to improve their skills further, then there is no certification best than Cisco Certification. This is one of the renowned technical certifications in the world. Basically, Cisco is a multinational company which has its main headquarter in the United States of America. Computer networking is always at risk, due to the increase in the ratio of cyber crime in the world. Many companies require maximum security for their network. And the reason is that as every most every big company or industry in the world is connected to each other with networking. So there is many important data which is transferred to other headquarters via networking, and therefore every company requires maximum networking security. Still, this is always a risk for many companies.

Networking Security

Here if engineers need to make sure for this important matter, then no doubt they are going to need more skills, which is only provided by CCIE Security Certification. This certification is really necessary as it is based on expert level. SO by doing this Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert Security course, you engineers can deal with troubleshooting, architect, implementation and support of this high-quality Cisco Security Technologies. And after you are done with this course then no doubt you can easily find the solutions of the security system of every latest industry networking. Even you can tackle any type of risk or threats to the networking of the company you are going to work in.


Just like other Expert level courses this one also does not have much requirements of past education or any other technical certifications, because Cisco wants to know the level of their candidates on the tests they are going to conduct before they give you admission. So basically there are two Cisco Exams for CCIE Security Certification, first one if written exams and second is Lab test. Besides this, you must have four to five years of job experience in the field of networking security. In order to pass these tests, you must have deep knowledge about the topics which will be provided to you for preparation in the digital library of Cisco.


First, comes the written test, so get registered for it. For the registration process, you can find all the process in detail on the website of Cisco. This test will last for two hours and consists of multiple choice questions mostly. In this test, you will be able to cover the Concepts of networking security and the equipment related to them. The name of this test is 400-251 CCIE, and you must remember this name so that you do not get registered for the wrong test. This exam will be on the concept of the closed book, which means that all the questions asked will be conceptual.

Next, comes the Lab exam for CCIE Security Certification. Here Cisco will test your skills for continuous running of a networking system without any cyber interference, and no doubt it will not be as easy as it seems to be.

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