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By | June 14, 2017

This is a world of technology, and everything we see or use have some sort of technology used in it. This is the reason that our lives now are so much easier as compared to our ancestors. And everyone wants to study and work in the fields of technology. Especially when it comes to Information Technology, everyone wants to make a bright future in this field, as it is the technology of future. SO in the field of Information Technology, there is wide scope in Networking, even there is a huge demand for networking professionals nowadays. And for that Cisco Certifications are known as one of the best technical certifications in the world.

What is Cisco?

Cisco is a name of world’s famous networking company, which offers their technical courses like networking, security, cloud, service provider etc. There are several levels for Cisco Certifications and Cisco Exams. And CCIE which is also known as Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert is the Expert level certifications. It is for those students who already have command in their fields, but they want to be more expert in their particular subjects for Internet working. There are basically seven different courses offered by Cisco in Expert level and they are, CCIE Service Provider Certification, CCIE Security, CCIE Routing and Switching, CCIE Voice, CCIE Wireless etc.

Need for Technology

As the technology arises there are some major problems and threats arise as well, so in order for a smooth running of networking in your company you are going to require professionals who can deal with these fields efficiently. In all of these fields if anyone wants to be an expert in CCIE Service Provider Certifications then it is a really good field of telecommunication. As it deals with the infrastructure and solutions of the networking telecommunication system. Here you have to follow the extended ad more complex infrastructure of telecommunication in networking. This course is basically for Network Engineers, who wants to extend their skills in a more effective way.


In order to get admission in this course, there is no such requirement of being qualified or having degrees. The reason is that networking is not just something to get a degree from a high quality of the university, but actually, it is all about having skills enough to tackle any threat in the networking system and keep them operated efficiently. SO what Cisco wants from you is three to five years of field experience. Furthermore, you are required to pass the test for entrance as well.


There are two phases for Cisco Exams, first, one is written exams and secondly is practical or lab exam. In the first phase, you have to appear in a written test of two hours. This test comprises of multiple choice questions, after this you have to appear in the lab test, which is then further divided into two phases. The first phase is one hour, and once you pass that, then you will proceed to the next one on the same day.

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