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By | June 15, 2017

Cisco is one such multi-national company which offers training for networking and its related courses. If you are interested in Information Technology or networking, then you must give a try for Cisco Certifications, as these are renowned certifications in the whole world. There are five different levels for Cisco Certifications, and Cisco Exams are authorised by VUE Pearson Testing system. SO if you are looking for Cisco Certifications, then you must go for CCIE Wireless Certification only if you have all the basic knowledge of wireless technology in networking. Plus you must have a deep knowledge of this subject already when you apply for CCIE Wireless Certifications. It may look simple to setup a wireless network connection because in the beginning wireless network connection is so much easier that anyone can do it easily.

Cisco Certifications

But at this Expert level now you have to learn about the complex techniques which are more reliable. Many firms take this matter very normally, and as a result, they always have to face the faults in their networking system. And these are the networks where which have to face many different cybercrimes. So if you are ready for this course then you will be learning how to configure, implement wireless networking system. Once you have completed this course then no doubt you will able to form a whole secure wireless network for Wireless Local Area Network which is also known as WLAN. This course is really simple to get admitted for because Cisco does not need any of your past degrees or any other diplomas regarding networking. As they focus on your skills so the most thing which they will observe is your experience in jobs for that particular field.

Register Yourself

First of all, you need to get prepared for a written exam, which is the basic step for the admission in Cisco Certifications. Each test has its own code and its own name so that the tests should focus on the course in which candidate is going to take admission in. So the name for CCIE Wireless Certifications is 400-351 CCIE. This test will take at least 120 minutes and consists of 90 to 110 questions which are all multiple choice questions type. And these will be only taken in the just English language. Furthermore, you have to get registered at Pearson VUE.

Cisco Exams

After qualifying this test next step is Eight hours long CCIE Wireless Lab Exam, this is one of the most important exams, because here you will be given an opportunity for showing your skills which you have earned during your job. The reason that why this test is so much important because here you can test yourself and your skills. Here you will be given tasks for WLAN solutions, unified controllers, unified infrastructure, autonomous infrastructure etc. The exam lab provides a whole suitable environment for the networking solutions so that you can easily perform your experiments in a peaceful environment.

Once the test is submitted then you will receive your test results in just 48 hours via e-mail.

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