CCNA Certification Exams

By | June 3, 2017

CCAN stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate, this certification is available at the 2nd level of Cisco certification, and then further there are several other CCNA Certification available. Well CCNA itself is a vast field, and that is the reason that it divided into several sub-categories. The thing is that in the past people were able to pass the CCNA Certification, but they were not competitive enough to learn each and every aspect of CCNA. So Cisco separated them into further categories. SO one can major in just one of it. CCNA Certification is considered as one of the best networking certification, and it is recognised everywhere in the world. So for this purpose, Cisco has arranged CCNA Certification Exams in order to test the skills of the people who gets trained by them. Well, these tests are not as easy as they seem to be because these certificates can give weight to your Curriculum Vitae.

CCNA Certification Exams -

There are basically three types of exams to test the skills for CCNA which includes,

  • 100-105 ICND1
  • 200-125 CCNA
  • 200-105 ICND2

CCNA  Certification 100-105 ICND1

This test is related to Routing and Switching, Wireless and Security courses of CCNA Certification. This is a very basic test, and it can be availed from anywhere in the world. Right now this test can be given in just two different languages, and they are English and Japanese. The reason is that Japanese are not comfortable with any other language except their native language. So it becomes easy for them to learn it this way. This whole test comprises of just 45 to 55 question, and there is no choice in any question. And all of these questions are required to be attempted in just 90 minutes. In order to give this exam, you have to be trained enough for routeing and switching and to interconnect networking devices.

200-125 CCNA

This test is related to LAN and WAN Technologies and their switching as well. IPv4 and IPv6 technology, infrastructure security and management etc. IF you have got your training in the above principles, only then you are eligible to give this exam. Same as another test, this also has a total of the time period of 90 minutes, but the question is more in number as compared to ICND1. SO here you have to answer a total of the 50 to 60 questions. This test is also based on English and Japanese language. Well, still English makes it a bit easier because it is most spoken language in the whole world. And everyone is a bit aware of it. The option of Japanese language is just for the natives of Japan.

200-105 ICDN2

This is the second part of ICDN2, so it is obvious that it will be a bit difficult to pass it. The time period and limit for questions is same as ISDN1, which is 90 minutes to solve it, and range of questions may vary from 45 to 55 questions. This test is based on IPv4 and IPv6 routeing, LAN and WAN switching.

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